JDO Construction—A Family Owned and Operated Business

JDO Construction isn’t your typical general contractor. Owner Jeff Oxstein established the firm in 1991, after several years of working as a licensed contractor. He understands what it’s like to start a company from the ground up, while raising a family. Both he and his wife, Gayle cater to their clients making sure all questions are answered, and expectations are met.

Jeff offers clients his many years of construction experience and expertise. He has the finesse and tenacity needed to deal with city agencies and departments to acquire needed permits and schedule inspections. He is meticulous in his work and responsive to his client’s requests. Jeff knows that in the end, if the client is happy, he’s happy.

Before clients even meet Jeff, they come to know Gayle. Over the last several years, Gayle has become the marketing face for JDO Construction. Her energy, determination and pride in Jeff’s exemplary work shines through to whomever she is speaking.

Together they have created a successful family owned and operated business that provides quality workmanship to clients within an atmosphere of respect and trust. Their success is evident as their customers return time and again and refer JDO Construction to their family and friends. 

Make that call to JDO Construction today and make your dreams come true.

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